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Advent Calendar (Part 3) - 22769 Casual Couture

6:46 AMprazillo Lemon

...that we are now almost at the final stage for the Advent Calendar at 22769 Casual Couture, and this is the best time,because you get a whole lot of fun goodies and great items. From now till the end of the Advent Calendar which happen to be 24th December, the following are the advent calendar gifts for the 15th - 24th December.

Advent Calendar  December 15: Winterbeanie
Advent Calendar  December 16: X-mas Hoodie
Advent Calendar  December 17: Jingle bells tee

Advent Calendar  December 18: Green comfi jumper
Advent Calendar  December 19: Twirl jeans
Advent Calendar  December 20: X-mas horns
Advent Calendar  December 21: Knitted legwarmer

Advent Calendar December 22: Winter stripes hoodie
Advent Calendar December 23 : Because 22769 has expanded , they have a new shop called "bauwerk" which offer stores, skyboxes and buildings for virtual needs. There is also a neat sky-home gift on the 23, so watch out and include date in your calendar.

Advent Calendar  December 24 Since this is the last day and 22769 Love Superheros  and supervillains LOL,The gift for everybody on the 24th - and ONLY on the 24th December will be the steampunk vintage outfit MAGNETISM.

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