22769 Casual Couture Designer's Wardrobe


10:04 AMprazillo Lemon

...that today is December 1st and OMG.. the year has ended so soon. Now I begin to ask myself questions like what have I done this year, am I happy with the much I have done.. My God I am so happy with the much I have done and for the most important which is Life. I still have Life to accomplish those I couldn’t :-) So I’m more than Happy.

December is a good month to reflect on the month pasts and to think of the future and most important been with families and friends and in Second Life  it’s the time for gifts , gifts and lot of gifts and having this beautiful feeling of friends and family.

 22769 Casual Couture has started  their Advent Calendar today and you have lot of goodies for all YAY!!!.. I'm so excited. I will give you a sneak peek to some of the great stuff you will be seeing and much more I will bring to you also.22769 advent calendar involves items such as tank tops, polo tops, camera to take photos with families and friends, jeans, turtle neck tops, scarf .. so go get your complete outfit from 22769 Casual Couture.

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