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Christmas Gifts @ Styles By Danielle

6:35 PMprazillo Lemon

...that at Styles By Danielle, for those who have the tradition to open their Christmas present today since people like me are very impatient and always peek at the gifts before Christmas day LOL. Okay at Styles By Danielle ,The Christmas presents have been around the tree  since last week though I have gone to peek as usual but decide to be a good girl and tell you what is inside the box today :-).
There are 4 gifts for everyone, I'm going to show all items.

The first is the DANIELLE Christmas Gown*, a full length Strapless Gown with a Big Bow at the waist. it comes in two forms of Bow, one with the SNOWFLAKES and the other without. and finish of with a long glove.

 Next is the Danielle Christmas Earrings which I love because it goes with the Christmas Mood.

Last is the Scarf Xmas in red  to keep your shoulders warm .

Last we have the DANIELLE Coffee Mug

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