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DANIELLE Membership Gift For January

10:19 AMprazillo Lemon

...that the year is almost over , some are sad the year has ended while some people like me are happy somehow.. and I would love to pause the remaining days for a friend of mine :-D... All good thing must come to an end in order to bring more better things for next year. It was a good year for me.. I didn't achieve all I wanted to but I did very well this year and next year would be much better hopefully.

Styles By Danielle has been making plans for the coming year and lot of awesome stuff we will be getting from her.. And in order to start off the new year.. she designed an awesome gown for the membership Gift for January. This dress is accentuated by a heart-shaped neckline bodice and a transparent sleeves which create an alluring look for this sophisticated knee-length dress. The lace fabric form the haute-contour at the side of the skirt which creates a definition in the waist and the fitted skirt 

The membership gift will be released on the Ist of January but for the Group members this gift  they can pick up at any time while for the subscribe members this will be released only on 1st January  ( this is a good time to join now! :-))

Also another items is the LP color-changing jewelry set which is done specifically for What’s The News Hunt starting from 1-31 January. And also the jewelry set has different colors option which you can change to make your outfit spicy. If you can’t hunt the item, you can also purchase it.

The set matches with the Groovy Poa Colors which is also available in store.

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