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Fhang Candy New Release Skin - [FC] Precious

8:22 AMprazillo Lemon

...that the Holiday seasons requires that we all are suppose to be very good and lovely so we get a present from Santa :-) and no other way to show that we are good without having a face that shows that.

Fhang Candy just released a new skin called [FC] Precious which is totally gorgeous skin and you look so innocent and sweet in this  new skin line. I particularly love this line because just yesterday I was having a discussion with a friend and she was telling me how she missed the Newbies days and the innocence, She was all looking very innocent without a glue of all these high fashions and trying to be updated. But here comes Precious, which makes you look so innocent and sophisticated at same time.Ladies this skin is a IT for all, it complement your other skins especially when we need to look so different and innocent.:-) I'm a Child again. LOL.

 I'm wearing [FC] Precious in Light tone, you get other tones at the store.
Fhang Candy @ Sketch
Fhang Candy @ Long Meg

Outfit : aDiva Couture Prisqua 
Jewelry : Jewelry Creation By Zuri  Twilight
Hair : Miamai_Donna Bun

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