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Free Uggs Holiday Boot and 100LD Uggs Boots From PRIM & PIXEL

9:58 AMprazillo Lemon

...that at PRIM & PIXEL is another new release which suit the season splendor and that is the fuggy fun winter boot called Uggs Snow Suede & Sheepskin. This can be worn by both sexes (male and female) YAY!!!. No excuse for catching cold or having a cold feet, because PRIM & PIXEL has something to warm your feet and it is out in various lovely colors.

Each color comes with two pairs of boots, one pair is resizer scripted and the other is not, also a shoe base which you can wear with both viewer 1 and viewer 2.And the Best New is you get it only for 100Ls a pair.

The free gift for all is the Uggs Holiday Suede & Sheepskin boots which are embellished with signs of the season. Left and right boots both have twinkling strings of multi-colored lights and each boot has different holiday decorations.
 Have some fun at the Winter Holiday Village 

Outfits : Top,Jewelries(Bracelet, Earring, Glasses ) all from **DD style** 24 W "Agata"

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