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Magnolia 100Ls New Release and Free Gift

7:22 AMprazillo Lemon

…that I think I haven’t been getting enough sleep or the nights are getting to short… or probably I’m excited that I will be having some few days to myself for the Holidays.. LOL can’t tell which but I’m sure having fun this period.

I’m going to be showing a new designer called Magnolia today and all in the spirit of Christmas and lot of Love spread around . The designs are absolutely very lovely and elegant. First is the new Autumn Gown .. which I’m particular crazy about, It can be worn with lot of options, but I choice to wear the skirt in 2 steps either as a ball gown or a knee length skirt but whatever option you choice to wear, will gives you that classic and sophisticated look anytime. New Autumn is sold for 100Ls this week at Bella Vida ONLY. Go check it out

Another is Fluffy Mini which is a short gown in green and it more fun to wear, it can be worn for parties or casual outing, this is a free gift also at Bella Vida. Last is Emma, which is a long empire gown in mixture of green and red, this comes with a puff sleeve and you look very sexy and sophisticated when you wear to any event or occasion.

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