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Hello Apollo Call , How are you doing ? We are most honored to have you. Every week we feature individuals and personnel in Second Life and get to know them and what they do in Second Life. We ask few questions about you, what you do , how you started off and  if you have any special item , event or anything you did like to share with us , it is most welcome because it is your Week :-)

First can you tell us about Yourself:

I work as a runway model in model agencies and also do modeling for designers ( Gabriel, *agapee*, W&Y, Campaign, Violator,..etc) and magazines. I am also in a Star Trek RP Group called United Federation Starfleet ( the largest Second Life Trek group which has over 500 members in SL and 7000 in Real Life ) as Senior Vice Commander of Science Branch and Assistant Dean of Galactic Science in Starfleet Academy, where I have been belonged to since I started SL 03/18/2008.

How did you kick start your modeling career?

I started to apply for modeling after I entered 2009 Mr. Virtual World on March which one of my Starfleet co leagues told me about . I was totally amateur and didn't make it. I realized most of the contestants and all of the finalists were models. They really looked and moved so cool. It was a truly exciting experience. I was glad to have the opportunity to walk on the huge runway. Since then I started to observe the runway shows and sent applications to agencies. I was very fortunate to be accepted by many agencies and did jump start modeling career.

What are your likes and dislike about modeling?

SL is supposed to be our oasis, dream virtual world to forget the Real Life woes. But where ever people live , many dramas will be born. Unfortunately, Second Life is becoming the world of ego and greed like Real Life which we all are trying to avoid. We models are not going to become prospective like Real Life models. But somehow we get known in this small community. Ego, misunderstanding attitude, lies .. those woes shouldn't be in this dream-come -true world.

What makes model so special to you?

We are not special. we are just avatars using skins and clothes which everybody can buy. But when we create our shapes and make styling with clothes and items, we can see the individual's artistic sense in our avatars. Making impressive and beautifully balanced avatars.. that depends on our aestheticism and the quality of our computer.

How has the modeling industry been in spite of less shows for the men?

I have many gigs fortunately. Yes, there are less shows compared to female but there are much less male models than female models. And male avatars generally don't buy so many clothes, just like in Real Life. When I was just in Starfleet over a year ago, I was always in uniform even outside of the Sims. But there are many more designers creating male clothes and guys are getting interested to look cool in SL. When I started Gabriel's model a year ago, it was just big in SL Japan. Now the designer is worldwide famous. Men are looking for good stuff. Male models will get more work in future.

What is your personal style and interest?

I always try to create the image of All American Boy next door living in East Coast. ( Since I was from Boston now living in NYC ) Blond was always minority since I started modeling but this is my challenge. I'm trying to be unique and different. I was exploring many places in SL before I started modeling. I would like to spend more time to find the new SL world boldly I've never gone before.

What are your greatest accomplishment ?

I don't know I had done accomplishments in here. I was selected in some competitions as a finalist and I appreciated the people supporting me equally.

Mr. Virtual World 2010 4th runner up - Mr. JAPAN
Mr. Sartoria 1st runner up
Mr. Costa Rica Finalist
Mr.Moolto Finalist
Mr. SE Winter 1st Runner up ( Mr. February )
Mr. December Bestyle Magazine
Maniera Cover Model & Interview 2009 July

Which agencies do you currently work for ?

AGATA Models, BeStyle District Agency, Boulevard Agency, Diversity Model Rdux, EVANE Models Agency, iC Motions Agency, Maniera Models, Modavia Models, Opium Fashion Agency, The SuperElite, 5th Avenue Modeling Agency, The Runway Cafe Models, Too SEXY Magazine

Do you have any role model and how have they inspired you?

I can say that my constant mentor is Topaz Joubert, Maniera’s CEO who opened the door to my modeling career. Many successful model were evolved under her lead. I met her through Sami Kutanaga, the manager of Maniera, who was once my student at Starfleet Academy. I had some troubles making my shape look better and didn't know which parts I should change. Topaz took me to the places for skins, eyes, and hair patiently. She also suggested me how to make my own style. She showed me the rope. I won't be here in this fashion Industry without her great advise. I still go to her every time when I have problems. She is the most caring person I met in SL.

As a fellow model, Phillip Dollinger is the one who I always look up to. My style is completely different from his. Perhaps he is French and I am trying to create the image of all American boy with a touch of my oriental roots. But I am always impressed every time when I see him on runway or even in casual outfits. His styling is always perfectly done from head to toe. To me, he is the best male model in SL now.

What advice would you give to aspiring male model?

Try to find your favorite skin and make good realistic shape, not like Hulk type shape. Observe successful male models on runway, how they make styling, how they move, how they coordinate poses ( if they use 3 poses, how smooth they put poses together) ...etc. Style yourself with the best quality outfits. Go to shows as many as possible and socialize with people there.

Aside Modeling what other areas are you involved in ?

As I mentioned before, I'm Starfleet Commander here. I used to be in Star gate RP, Star Wars, Ancient Greek Mythology group, Viking group, ... . I'm a gamer and a big time sci-fi fan.

Any Special skills you want the people to note about you?

I'm working as a recording engineer in Real Life. I didn't want to do the same thing as Real Life work but I'm thinking about getting involved in music scene here. I also build holograms in Starfleet and try something more prospective building next year.

Thanks you so much for having this interview with me... it was a most interesting one and we are happy to have you here.That was Apollo Call and you have to watch out for him because he has a lot going on :-)
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