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Hello, Dani Plassitz, and welcome to this week's " Profile in View". I’m very honored to have you here, knowing how very busy you have been these past weeks, and for your creating some time to have this spot on my blog. "Profile in View" is basically throwing some spotlight to residents so we get to know them better.

First, in order not to waste too much of your time, let's hit the road. :-) Tell us a bit about Dani...
> Dani is a shy girl who likes to work hard and enjoys creating. She was born into Second Life solely on account of expanding her Real Life designing abilities and meeting interesting people.

We have watched your designs evolve so much, we'd love to hear a bit of how it all started.
> I reported for an interview for a fashion designer job, thinking they wanted ideas and sketches only. At that time, I had no idea how to make clothes. I was not able to create a single cube! Then I started lots of reading and testing and three days later I came out with my first jeans, that are still selling well in my shop! :)

Tell us about some of your achievements and accomplishments.
> I opened my first store about a year ago and was trying to find my way in SL. Finally, it turned out to be a shop where one can buy not only different kinds of clothes and styles, but also I like adding accessories to it for a complete look.
My work was soon acknowledged as a quality work by my customers and I was invited a couple of times to be a guest speaker, to talk about quality clothing and business in general.

What would you say is your all-time best design?
> That's hard to say, as all of them are like 'my children' (smiles) but the "Thousand Kisses" gown has, for sure, made me more famous.

Yes.. I love that gown so much.

You just changed your label from D-Design to Styles by Danielle. Any reason for that?
>Yes! The new name and logo fit much better to my work and business, also, it helps to distinguish my shop from those with similar names.

How do you see Second Life fashion, and what are the expectations for SL designers?
> Fashion in Second Life is very vivid, and the expectations are high. However, it is proportionate to the technical side of Second Life's building tools as well. I myself have big expectations, because not everything you want is possible to create here... yet.

Would you say you are satisfied with the level you are in or you strive for more?
> I definitely must say I am satisfied with my present situation, but I do strive for much much more.

There is a lot of competition out there. Has that influenced you in any way?
> It for sure is making it harder for a young designer to show up and be noticed amongst so many designers in SL. You need to work more and have something that others don't. On the other hand, it is very inspiring to see new creations coming out and I, myself, like to visit others fashion shows... but I would like to state here something else that influences us- the designers - and that is freebies. I am afraid that there is quite a misunderstanding of their purpose. They should be used to promote the new collection, implementing some new technology to your clothes, helping your new customer to get to know about your work, and of course as a gift to a loyal customers. I don't say the freebies are bad. They can definitely bring potential customers, and I also give them on certain occasions, but some are just going too far with it, and people are losing their sense for fashion and quality clothing because all they are after is to get something free, no matter how it looks on them. Needless to say, this is ruining the SL fashion business.

Back to you personally, how do you relax from all this SL design and Fashion?
> I have less and less time for relaxing and I wish the week had 8 days out of which three were weekend loll. But when I do have some time, I like to visit live concerts and go surfing.

To round off this wonderful interview with Dani, I would like to ask  if you have any advice or quote for young, aspiring designers.
> Just to follow the road that is opening in front of you... there is always a hand guiding and paving a way for us.

Thank you so much Dani, for your time. It was most appreciated. Dani Plassitz is the owner of Styles By Danielle and she has sprung up faster and much better and a lot we have seen in her designs and her spirit is very wonderful. 

To see more of her designs, here is LM to her store.

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