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Hello Skip Staheli, How are you doing and how has it been going for you?... You are the most busiest all time photographer LOL and I know you are looking at your Wrist watch or stop watch timing this interview LOL. Well so we start of fast before I get stormed over by Clients LOL..."Profile in View" is basically throwing some spotlight to residents so we get to know them better.

Stop watch start (giggles ) Who is Skip Staheli?

> now now.. lmao.. no wristwatch in here.. never was.. never will be. First of all, thanks for asking me... you are one of my very first models I'd worked for in SL, so I’m honored! :) Who is Skip?..... I’m a very normal, down to earth, easy going guy.. Found my way to photography in Second Life. And I love it.. still enjoying every day I’m doing this. I’m having a pretty busy ;) photo studio in SL, and most of the time I’m in world, I spend with making pictures. It’s my heart, my soul, my drive. I like meeting people, love a good chat with lots of laughter.

Tell us about your early days in Second Life.

>I started SL somewhere beginning 2007, left again.. thought it was stupid. Then did read an article about it.. and got interested again. First it was basically just exploring, making friends, and hunting the girls (and some boys :P) I found myself sometimes like a shrink, I thought about opening a practice for it loll.. I spend really long hours and hours by talking and listening, and helping friends. But also those days I was already making lots of photo's for friends. The interests was always there.

What is the transformation from (initial )Skip to the most busiest photographer Skip ?

> I think it happened bit by bit.. never worked really on it, like advertisement or something like that. Making pictures for friends...for their friends.. and so the ball started rolling.... In august 2008 I opened my photo studio, and right from that moment I never was without clients. Not as busy as these days, but it really worked well from the beginning. That surprised me! It still does :))

Most models feel great having you take their photo and you have had lot of achievement in those area… Tell me about it and how you feel?

> I’m very proud of course that that many models come to my studio to have their pictures done. I love the world of modeling. As am a sucker for styling and clothes/fashion myself as well. I love to make their pictures, and when i hear they won.. I’m very happy.. it really means a lot to me. I do this with my heart. And I think people feel this.

When I check your profile and most of others photographers , I see stuff like these : "***FULLBOOKED TILL 2ND WEEK OF JANUARY !!!***ATTN: Right now not accepting new bookings, cause the wait time (booking till shoot) will be too long" What is that about? and does it mean you are out of bound in those times ?

> What is that about? Uhm.. it means that I’m full booked loll. Editing a picture in Photoshop takes me at least 3 hours. So I can’t take more clients a week, as I can handle in PS. I have just two hands.. and ..also a Real Life ;)
You best say your full, then taking clients and not being able to make them quality pictures. I give every client my 100%, I think they deserve that.

Now I see you always have a price change, is that as a result of the time committed or the quality of the photo ?

> LOL, your nosey, aren’t you..

prazillo laughing her head off LOL

> of course it’s none of your business why I change rates :P ... and you make me laugh by saying I have "always" price change. I do this work almost 3 years, and I think I had 4 price changes, so that's not that often. I worked.. very long for a ridiculous low rate. When I became busier and busier, I had even other photographers telling me, I was way too cheap. As my work became better, and I became busier, I up rated my prices. I just go with the flow. Oh... better hurry when you want to book me.... I’m considering a new up rate in the new year.. lmao ;)

hahahahahaaha... Hurry all and storm him with booking :-) LOL I want to see in his profile FULL BOOKED TILL DEC 2011 LOL


What do a typical model competition , show or event day look like for you when you are booked for such event?

> For me a shoot is a shoot.. I'm not only shooting models or doing contest pictures. Lots of my clients aren’t models at all. A contest shoot is for me the same as any other shoot. The only difference is I have to follow some rules and that there is a deadline. And I’m always excited to see if they won or not. I’m not doing shoots on location. I have a simple laptop with a lousy Graphic Cards. So I’m not working at events.

Wow Lousy graphic card make me clinch :-)because I've been there.

Tell me about the most difficult customer, show, event you have had? Why was he/she difficult? How did you handle them?

> There are some drama queens indeed.... But I don’t have problems with that, I don’t take it all too serious ;) I think I had in all these years only about 3 or 4 really bad clients. Of course you can’t have a huge click with every customer...I have most days about 2 shoots.. All these people I’ve met over these years.. can’t all be your best friends. A very few times I told a client not to come back. When I feel somebody is rude, and really disturbing.. then it’s not fun for me. And SL must be fun. So I avoid those people.

What is your all time best photo shoot, client and scene?

> No.. I don’t have a best photo shoot, client and shoot. I have loads of favorites! Well, will never forget the shoot I had with you though... me in my Angel Dessous lingerie.. lmao

hahahahaha.. that was some crazy photo LOL.just couldn’t stop laughing.

> LMAO  (prazillo searching her inventory for that photo shot.. here it is LOL.)

How do you relax aside photography in Second Life?

> uhm... well... grins

Hahahahaha... my lips are sealed then LOL

For us trying to be like you in photographer, what is your advice for us

> Just be yourself.. follow your own way.. don’t copy others, don’t lose yourself in your ego. Most important, do it with you heart! Lots of practice helps... just try and play. Watch Flickr and open an account there to expose your work. I did lots of Pile Ups on Flickr. (pimping up photo's of others) It’s a great way to practice, and to show others what u can do.

Is there anything you would like to add before we end?

> I would love to thank you for this fun interview, and taking the opportunity to thank all the people who trust me, and are so loyal to me. I would not be able to do this work without my clients.. so I’m very very grateful for that.

Thank you so much for making my week, it was a most awesome time to even have you and get to know a bit of you. For all who know Skip Staheli and others who don’t know him LOL he is the photographer and owner of Photo Fantasy Studio PURPLE COWS. 

SLUrl :Photo Fantasy Studio PURPLE COWS 
 And during the interview, Skip was generous with some of his works he has done,but trust , there are a lot more awesome ones, if you want to see what I mean check his Flickr page

And I hope you all did have a great Christmas and remember on Profile in View, You could be Next

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  1. Awesome photos, amazing!!!! I love the light, the poses, all!! thanks for the interview.

  2. Yes he is an awesome photographer.And thanks for comment


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