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Hello Terry,How have you been doing and thank you for been my profile in View this week. We are most honored to have you. Profile in View is basically throwing some spotlight into individual and personnel in Second Life so as to abreast the resident about.
Basically I ask some few questions and if you have any special item , event or anything you did like to share with us that will be most appreciated because it is basically your Week :-)

Who is Terry Somersley?
An entrepreneur and an adventurer

What basically have you been doing in SL?
I have been involved in numerous projects but my main focus has been the creation and management of Mermaids of the Mists, a mermaid/merman community.

You are the founder for Mermaids of the Mists, which between was a very awesome experience for me some few days ago :-) Can you tell us a bit about Mermaids of the Mists? 
Mermaids of the Mists was created to provide a beautiful, safe place for Mers to meet and enjoy activities. We welcome land lovers as well. It is an underwater paradise and home to many.

How often do you find inspiration for new pieces, and is there any one thing that gives you more inspiration than others? 
I am inspired by listening to what Mers want and the types of activities I feel they would enjoy most.

How did you get started with Mermaids of the Mists, from Modeling into Been a Mermaid ?
A close friend invited me to be a mermaid one day and I have never left. For me, being a mermaid is fulfilling a lifelong fantasy.

What would be your personal beliefs Mermaids of the Mists  in Real Life  and Second Life?
To treat people with respect and consideration.

I know you were once in the modeling industry, do you still model?
Not at present. Managing the Mists has become a full time job.

Do you miss the modeling industry?
I miss the people I had the pleasure of working with.

What would be your favorite pastime, how do you have fun in SL?
I love to explore different places. The creativity I find in SL is fantastic. It inspires the creativity in me.

Christmas is a few days from now, any plan for us having fun? 
OH yes. We have events every weekend in December. We are starting with our Merchant Days, The Candy Cane Ball, a Christmas party and a live concert. We have an exciting year planned for 2011.

Do you have any advice or quote for our readers?
Never be afraid to dream and to make those dreams come true.

Thanks you so much Terry , again  It is a great honor and we hope to see more and more of you.

That was Terry Somersley, founder of Mermaids of the Mists, a nice cozy and relaxing place to be different from you, you get to dance, swim around and enjoy all the creativity been put in place. So take time to Visit this exotic place and be transformed.
And remember next week on profile in view ..IT COULD BE YOU NEXT.

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