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*RED PASSION* Lory gift X-mas & Miamai_Magick Makeup

9:36 PMprazillo Lemon

...that when it is Christmas I usually feel that spirit of Love and togetherness.Not only in Second Life but even in Real Life. You make new friends and your old friends become tighter, families who have been apart find time to come together and enjoy this season. Some people don't celebrate Christmas, but you still see that the Love is shared with them as well. I love Christmas.

This season is usually the most busiest for everyone, shopping, getting ready for family reunion, meeting old friends etc and in Second Life ,Lot of Designers are making and making great gift items to give away.

From Red Passion is this awesome Christmas gift she gave to her subscribe members and you can also buy for ILs for non members and those who haven't joined the subscribe group should join because lot of other awesome items are coming up this month.

Also from Miamai , is this lovely set of makeup, if you have some old skins you love so much but tired of the same face, Miamai makeup will transform your look immediately and put you in the season mood. This set of 7 makeup is also a group gift YAY!!

Try to get all the fun this season and enjoy all the awesome gifts from the designers.

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