aDiva Couture Diary

aDiva Couture ....Closing Down Sales

6:48 PMprazillo Lemon

...that the News is all around that aDiva Couture is closing down, this has kept me thinking all over since yesterday when I saw the notice... I have seen other stores close down but aDiva Couture closing down touched me more. My first model job in SL was at aDiva Couture and it was my first starting point, I remember it clearly 2 years ago.. though it has had it up and down, sad moments , great moments, wonderful experience ,home for some of us, made great friends all along the way...

aDiva Couture has also been my major design item to review  in my Second Life diary .. and yes I'm sad its closing down and I would Love a word of Hope that it may come back again (which keeping my finger crossed will come back again) .. but as it is with Life ... We never Know what it brings .... The New Year comes with new hope , new dreams , new aspiration..I think same with aDiva Couture and Annejoy.. But I wish for all the best after Second Life ...

There is a closing sales of 50% off all items at aDiva Couture till the end of January.. Use this opportunity to grab your best items and help to wish Annejoy Best Wishes.

Outfit : aDiva Couture AnneJoy Farewell Dress (Black and Red )

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