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.... Another New Day with Sole Heart By Zuri's Jewelry Creations

9:09 AMprazillo Lemon

...that today I'm so excited despite the early tension that comes with the new year, what to do, how to behave, where to set some limit and what best to lay down for the year.I'm not good with New Year resolutions but I try to set some priority down for the start of the year and see how best I can achieve them. All things are great when you also have a good feeling about the year.. I do have a wonderful feeling about this year and it cause me to be excited and very Happy.

To top the icing on the cake for me this year ,is this awesome jewelry set from Jewelry Creations By Zuri's called Sole Heart. The complete  set for Sole Heart comes with classic pearl necklace which have perfectly round shapes and sparkling overtones, 11 colors available for the Marquis Gems as well as the hearts gem , bracelet  both for right and left arm as well as a tiara ( not displayed here). It is the most loveliest set and a definite "IT" this season.

I tried to show the gems colors and the metal options available, it is best  to accessorize  with your ballgown, evening dresses and cocktail dresses.

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