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Dressing For Less @ New Year

6:27 AMprazillo Lemon

…that so many stores in Second Life are having massive sales toward the New Year, hunts everywhere and still at all these happenings, a friend was asking me what she need to wear for the New Year considering the fact that I already blogged about my New Year Gown . I was kind of worried for her though because she  needs a dress which hasn’t even been sold in SL I thought that would be quite great and very hard especially since she is not a designer LOL and also she doesn't want to spend any Linden LOL. Her excuse is that January is a long month and less cash/money inflow as a result of the much money been spent for the holidays which I totally agree with her and  I decided to her why don't she just dress up for less this New Year at least in the Month of January and still look extra gorgeous.

With so much up and down we decided to take up the challenge to Dress for Less and I started mine at “The Dressing Room” between did you guys notice a lot of awesome and gorgeous stuffs at the dressing room such as shapes, lashes, gown, dresses , skins etc from designers like LeeZu, Tuli ,Glam Affair, Glow Studio. YS & YS and a lot of other designers? If you haven’t been there… go there now. Back to the Challenge for Dress Less @ New year, I decided to pick the Leezu Gown " [LeeZu!] Iryn Gown" in Olive for 70Ls and to accessorize it with the Rose bag from Glow Studio 45Ls. I finished this look with the Skin from Glam affair which comes with a set of 5 tattoo makeup and a dress all for 70Ls  and finally eyelashes from Glow Studio which also contain 3 pairs of eyelashes for 65Ls.

P.S I didn't see any shoe .. I can afford to go bare foot after all I'm wearing a lovely gown LOL and the hair is one of my previous hair from Bliss Couture called Fonda.. I have been clued to this hair for the rest of the day especially with the Eva skin from Glam Affair TDR :-) Both Hair and Skin are a pair for me.. so sorry that hair wasn't for less though :-)

My Dress For Less
Eyelashes : [ glow ] studio - Innocent. Eyelashes ( sold as 3 pair of eyelashes) TDR
Skin: -Glam Affair- Eva skin - Winter make up ( sold with tattoo makeup and a gown) TDR
Dress : [LeeZu!] Iryn Gown - TDR
Clutch bag : [ glow ] studio - Quilted handbag with rose TDR

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