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Hello Alana Pyara and My dear friend, how have you been doing and thank you for been my profile in View this week. Since we are starting the New Year, I decided to make you my profile in view so we start up fresh :-) "Profile in View" is basically throwing some spotlight into individual and personnel in Second Life so as to abreast the resident about.
Basically I ask some few questions and if you have any special item, event or anything you did like to share with us that will be most appreciated because it is basically your Week :-)

>Hello my dear friend ;) Thank you so much. I feel really honored. Looking at all the accomplished people you have interviewed before me, I feel very proud to be part of this project.

You are most welcome :-)

First and foremost tell us about Alana Pyara? 

>Alana Pyara is first and foremost me, just in avatar form. She has her own style and looks different than I do in Real Life, but she is a representation of who I am, not just a character. I think of my friendships and relationship on SL as real connections between people. And when I am spending time with someone, I feel like I am actually with them, just working through distances when I can't be in their real life living room sipping my tea. :) . The RL me is from Finland, so yeah, RL distances are an issue. :)

What basically have you been doing in SL?

>A ton of things! Looking back at my blog (http://alanapyara.blogspot.com/), I have been through a crazy amount of things in a short period of time, and that's just the things I tell you about LOL. I have done a lot of exploring, an insane amount of shopping and freebie hunting, and still managed to find amazing friendships and now even a love. And I am building a skybox for the land I now own.
Great she has been busy at least LOL
>Someone actually IM’d me at a club about my profile and told me I had to be an alt because nobody can do that much in just a few months and learn the ways of SL so fast LOL. I guess I have a lot of free time or something hehe.
Giggle . LOL

Any special project, event or activities you are involved with in Second Life you did like to tell us about?

>I have my blog : AlanaPyara Blog .My "job" on SL is mainly one of a blogger. I am doing a lot of fashion, interior design and shopping posts, but I try to keep an eye out for things relating to charities and nonprofit organizations as well. SL is a great way to find visibility for your cause and I want to support any positive effort in my own small way. Besides posting about charities I also try to include for example a charity bracelet in an outfit I am posting about, or do charities themed hunt post, every now and then.
And of course I tell my readers if I find a fun place for dancing or an interesting sim for exploring. Many of my posts are just quick views to a store with a SLurl, but I see that as a helpful way to share what I myself find interesting. It's like being that friend who IM's you about cool stuff, but to more people than the ones in my friend list. And the readers of my blog can choose to ignore what they aren't interested in, so I don't feel like I am spamming, like I might if I was mass posting on SL. :)
My blog is rooted in my wish to keep an account of my experiences on SL. I wanted to share a viewpoint of a newcomer when I started it. Now I pay for most of the products I use and have money in the game, but I started out with no money and no in world income and learned that you can actually have a fun and fulfilling game that way too. I still take care of the newbies. Every time I see a good quality freebie, a store with lucky games or a newbie kit, I post about it. Every now and then I try to also help a newcomer on SL, give them advice or help them figure out something they are trying to do. I also put money in money trees and such things. I think being nice to new people helps build a friendlier safer community. I think most of the problems and bad karma on SL comes from people feeling lonely and neglected.
My inspiration for helping newcomers comes mostly from my own mentor. She was a big motivator for me when I was getting sick of SL in the beginning. She made me feel like part of a family on SL, and that is very important I think. She does the whole newbie helping thing actively and I am really proud of her, so a shout out to Flicka. :) I got bullied by some vampires in the beginning and of course a new female avatar gets some nasty advances from men, so having some strong friendships right from the beginning has been amazing comfort. I could list a number of names here, I have been really lucky.

That was a lot you said about yourself and all you do in Second Life, now I will ask how do you mostly spend your time in Second Life having fun , blogging, shopping etc?

>These days the blog takes a lot of my time. And I try to hang out with friends as much as I can. I go to events and do hunts. I have wanted to explore a bit more, so I am looking forward to doing that. And I am dating and building my own home, so that's an important part of what I do with my time on SL.

Last time you were a dancer, are you still a dancer and how is the world of dancing in SL?

>I danced for a couple of months and had a lot of fun with the people at the club. I quit because of RL reasons, could not keep up a set schedule. I made some great friends who I am still in contact with. Dancing is a fun job and I recommend you find a nice club you really like and go for it, if you need a SL job. If you get a bad vibe from a certain place, find a better fit. SL has a lot of great clubs that are taking music and good customer service seriously, but know how to have fun with it. And remember that many places have live events as well, those are always fun. Most dancers work for tips and maybe get a small set fee on top of that. It won't make you rich. Now when I go to clubs as a customer, I always try to tip, because I know people need to make some money too, not just have fun. But I also would like people to remember that not every player has money in the game and that should be their right, so the right to have fun should not be measured by what you tip. I know most people give what they can and that's amazing.

What would be your personal beliefs about Second Life?

>Of course SL has its problems. There are still technical limitations, there are people who spend their time bullying others rather than trying to build a community. But I think that SL can be a beautiful experience if you just find the right people to share your experiences with. I have found friendships that are very important to me. I have been lucky to become part of a loving caring community that takes care of you and is there for you. If you feel lonely, try to talk to people. Find people who share your interests. There are amazing people out there, just be yourself and you will find them. And I love the amazing creativity and talent people show with all that they do. Not just people who sell items, but those who build or decorate amazing homes, make beautiful music, entertain others and build communities. I like seeing how people find their dreams here. Someone who never knew computers too well finds themselves building; someone who has problems in real life can find a relief in a dream world on SL. I think your earlier interview with the manager of a merworld was a good example of a place where people can go and have their dreams come true and their social life spruced up.

Yes you are very right about that point.
Its New Year :-) Did you make any New Year Resolution of been a good girl LOL or any plans for the New Year?

Heh, I try to be a good girl all the time, so I don't make any special resolutions, LOL. I plan to learn more about building. And I might have a secret plan to one day have a business in SL, don't tell anyone LOL.

LOL my lips are sealed :-)

Do you have any message for your friends, love one and family in regard to the New Year?

>I want all my friends, family members and my love to know that I care about them and am there anytime they need me to be. That goes for you too zillo. :)
Thank so much :-)
Thanks you so much Alana, this is a new year, and I hope the best for you and all your endeavors in Second Life .Again is a great honor and we hope to see more and more of you.

>I am a huge fan of your blog, and this has been a great honor for me. Thank you so much! I am touched for being included. :)
Oh more and more will come out of this year LOL and don’t go running away LOL
> giggles

This was a most pleasant interview and that all we can take for this week because everyone is still enjoying that fact that we saw 2011 and lot of celebration, but always remember on Profile in View .. It could be You Next

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