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Hello Ellekirsten, Happy New year and how have you been doing ? Thank you so much for the short notice and for you been my profile in View this week. We are most honored to have you here .Profile in View is basically throwing some spotlight into individual and what they do, their time spent in SL and give advice and encouragement to the fellow resident etc. This week you will be giving us all the little details about yourself and what you do in Second Life :-).

What can you tell us about ElleKirsten ?
> Hi Praz!!! Happy New Year and it's an honor to be featured on your blog. Thank you so much! *smiles* About ElleKirsten, she's the same Elle as RL Elle. I'm outgoing. I love art - creative minds turns me on. I know when to get serious and have fun so that means I also love to party! I have a huge passion with fashion. I can say that my style is eclectic - I have or love a little of everything. *giggles* You will see me in different styles depending on my mood or on what the situation/occasion needed. I love my family, friends and of course the love of my life, Karn Bracken. *winks* loll

What has Second Life for almost 3 years been like for you?
> I have a fair share of everything in SL. I have my own ups and downs but for me what's important is that I've learned from all of it and now living an awesome SL. I owe this to the people who has always been there for me like my family and friends and even the people who have touched my life even for a short time and one of that people is my very good friend, my mentor and my big bro here in SL, Kcigam Balbozar. He may have passed away but he's always in my heart. Another person that's making my SL so amazing right now is of course my husband. Every experiences, memories, success and failure and even heartaches made me who I am today. I won't change anything from the "nearly" 3 years of my SL.

I know you are a photographer and also a model, do you still model?
> Yes, I still model. I've been off the modeling industry for awhile because of RL but now I'm back.*smiles* Actually, my first show for this year and I should say my come back show will be on February 4,2011. It's an accessory show produced by Virtual International Development Agency (VIDA). I will definitely give you the detail as soon as everything is finalize. I'm so excited to be back.

What about photographer? Because that is one really busy job in Second Life right now
> I've never stopped photography. I now share a studio with my family and some friends. EKG Photography is now working with other photographers in Pro Image Designs Studio. It's fun to work with different photographers especially with my family. I also work for Farouche Modeling Agency as their Senior Photographer.

Tell us about your photographer experience ,this is a question I Love to ask the photographers : -) what happens on a busy day in your studio when you have a competition, modeling show or event?
> Chaos! lol I'm always on my PS (Photoshop) all day and night. It's just a matter of time management and so far I handle my schedule very well. I don't usually schedule any photo shoots on weekends because this is usually the days for fashion shows.

Would you like to share your prices with us ?
> Sure. My prices are very cheap. *giggles* They usually say I'm a cheap photographer because of my low prices. lol I just want people to have the best picture and be able to afford it. I've been in their shoes when people wanted so hard to have a good profile picture but don't have enough Ls for it or wanted to do an audition or enter a contest but don't have enough Ls for their picture to be taken by a professional photographer so they will have a bigger chance to be accepted or win.
For a single profile pic it's only 400L,
couple's pic 550L,
group pic 650L
and I also have special pricing for model portfolios. I also do invitations, photo albums, greeting cards and I'm trying to work on a new project for my studio. I'll let you know about it when I'm ready with it. *smiles* They can always IM me for a complete information about my pricing and my service. :)

Now to bit more personal question , How do you relax in Second Life aside photographer, modeling?
> Although I love doing pictures, it can be exhausting at times. Partying with my friends and family all over SL is one of my means for relaxation. You will normally find me in different clubs all over SL because another passion of mine is music and some of my family works in different clubs. Partying though is only second from my list. Of course, SHOPPING is my major therapy and means of relaxation. *giggles*

You do have great family and friends here , any way they have helped changed your life and perspective ?
> My most cherished and truest friends, who I met even way back from my newbie days, are my family here in SL. Vinson Galicia and AliannaMarie GossipGirl are my amazing parents. Sweetdizzy Dumpling and Proteus Prevost are my hot grandparents. Makeyda Mexicola is my sexy auntie. And our family tree goes on and on. *giggles* my SL daughters are now MIA. I've already filed a police report. lol Kidding aside, I also have SL daughters here but they both don't go online anymore and I miss them so much. I also have an awesome stepdaughter with my husband, Karen Jetcity. I have a lot of friends all over SL who I cherish and love so much. To name a few and these two are my besties - Babyboohoo Finch and Calidan Hansome. Like what I mentioned my better half is Karn Bracken who is the most amazing guy I've ever met both in RL and SL. I love my friends and family so much and I'm always thankful to god for giving them to me. They never failed to put a smile on my face and they are always there to support and love me. they are source of strength too and my inspiration.

That’s a large family.. We do need to see that Family Tree :-)

This is a New Year, any plans, resolution or achievement for this year?
> I don't usually do New Year's resolution because I always strive to make my life better each day, not only for me but also for the people I love. I plan to be more active in the modeling industry and hopefully it will be a good year for me. :)

What advice would you want to give the aspiring photographers, models and general resident?
> Just be yourself and strive hard for whatever you want. Photography and modeling are both art for me and we always need an open mind, a creative mind and a heart for it. It's hard work and dedication or what we call passion for anyone to be successful on them. And to all the residents of SL, always remember this word... RESPECT! I know everyone always hear this or read it - Behind every avatar is a REAL person.

Thanks you so much for a nice and interesting time with us. We hope to hear more from you again and wish you all the best in your endeavors this year and much more and the future of moving Second Life forward.

Ellekirsten Gossipgirl is a photographer and a Model in Second Life ... Her photography studio is called EKG PHOTOGRAPHY  and to see more of her photographs check in her flickr page:

And keep a time with us next week and Remember It could be you Next... :-)

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