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Is Valentine Ever LATE?

12:00 PMprazillo Lemon

...that I have been busy and I missed a lot of stuff in the month of Love. Been away from Second Life for a while but decided to get back a bit because I realize this little world somehow makes me sane in a crazy world out there.:-) even when others in the real world think we are crazy LOL. But if they haven't been here they wont understand ( Little Secret :-) LOL). All the same I missed Valentine day.

I decided to check out a few stuffs and went to my favorite Skin Store Fhang Candy where I saw this lovely valentine skin which is still available for those who havent seen it yet, and it is both male and female :-) The male skin is very sexy and the lips are kissable :-). The Love sign is so cute like it was drawn by a baby :-) that so awesome.

I matched this with eye from Kathrin Pearl Design  and wore my Red Dress with Black stripes from House of Beningborough. I'm off on my late Valentine date :-) Catch you all later.

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