22769 Casual Couture Designer's Wardrobe

22769 Casual Couture & Embody March Into Spring Info

1:58 PMprazillo Lemon

...that 22769 Casual Couture with  Embody Shapes and Poses are bringing lot of exciting new event and hunts and the good news are lot of exciting new items for all.
For the Store Hunt at Embody ,22769 is donating this lovely Cherry-Blossom Dress for the ladies and you will be searching for the neat sculpted violet flowers.

The March Into Spring Event consist of designs from different designers been sold at 10L$. 22769 is also donating a cocktail dress which is a wrap around skirt in classic black and white with a fitting top.

The Guys are not left out, in the Locker room give away is this red suede shirt outfit for 80 L$.

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