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Grace in Lace By DANIELLE

12:46 PMprazillo Lemon

...that from Styles By Danielle, is another captivating and stunning new release called Grace. The dress features a lovely inspired and exquisite lace bodice with ruffle neckline and sleeves. The bodice comes with a flowery design at the shoulder and also at the hand.

The subtle classic flowery design on the bodice is sure to enhance your style appeal. The skirt of the dress has a flattering open slit silhoutte.

The train at the back of the skirt give you this classic aura,ultra elegance and unbeatable style when you walk around . This dress comes complete with a pair of lace glove and face mask. We hope that you will adore this gorgeous,eclectric romantic dress.

P.S Other captivating colors available at Styles By Danielle Store
And important notice for those who want it very bright and glowing :-) The skirt comes with a glow option which is modifiable. Ensure to check the Notecard for customer info for more information on the glow option. Below is the texture of your skirt when you choose the glow option.


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