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N-CORE Shoes Galore

1:25 PMprazillo Lemon

...that I get so excited when I see beautiful items in Second Life. N-CORE just released some awesome and jaw dropping shoes  which brings so much smiles to my face, I have always wanted a slipper with toes and no straps and N-Core has just what I have been looking for. Also see the awesome glossy pump heels with exotic colors.

Without too much words because I most definitely want to show all the great stuff from N-CORE. The heels are just perfect for a full day and night out on the town, You get to show off your pedicure in the sleek straps  and also strapless sandals and it comes with all the lovely features of the HUDS.

HUD features:

- Compatible with all Viewers ( alpha layer included in the shoes folder and possibility to add or remove the alpha prims by the HUD )
- 12 Skin preset
- Color palette and RGB values for easy and perfect skin match
- Option to wear stockings & socks on the sculpted feet ( color palette & RGB values to match your own stockings )
- Memory slots to save your skin & stocking tones
- 27 Nails ( french, color & fantasy )
- Color change for : ring, sole, heels, interior...
- Gloss on/off
- Heels sound on/off
- Resize

What You See on Picture:
N-core TRIBUTE, N-core  AURA and N-core CHIC

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  2. I love N-Core. I think they've really developed as a star shoe designer in SL! Thanks for the MOST beautiful post!


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