Agnes Finney My Precious D-Design

Agnes Finney New Release - Anthena

5:28 PMprazillo Lemon

... that I just wore this gorgeous dress in Purple called Athena Violet from Agnes Finney - My Precious and I have been speechless. Agnes Finney Anthena gown has put a full stop to my Lips I can't talk. This is one gorgeous dress which I love the full length skirt so much with the V-shape at the waist . The sleeve and bodice comes in full lace and you show some skin without spoiling the entire fun. I'm in Love with this outfit and most especially it is Purple. YAY!!!

Now serious business I need to get a date this night can't have this gorgeous dress without a date. Who is free? and dress code must be some touch of purple. LOL.

P.S Agnes Finney has this design in other gorgeous colors, go check the out.  

Happy Weekend to All !!!. 

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