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Madam Fiorella - Sensation From Mohna Lisa Couture

1:34 PMprazillo Lemon

…that from Mohna Lisa Couture is this romantic and electrifying one-shoulder Lace gown called *MLC* Madam Fiorella Sensual Cut : by Mohna Lisa Couture.The  gown features detail embellishments at the shoulder, a vibrantly design column skirt with eye catching ruffle accent which is then finished off with the ultra-high side slit translucent skirt that sweeps the floor in a beguiling way to brings a dose of sexy fun to the table .
Madam Fiorella Sensual Cut_014
Madam Fiorella Sensual Cut_010
Madam Fiorella Sensual Cut_011
Madam Fiorella Sensual Cut_012
Don’t miss the ankle glove with lace top to finish off this outfit. This dress is sure to turn plenty of heads.

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