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Mimo Couture New Skin Line–Melany

4:12 PMprazillo Lemon

…that Mimo Couture   just released her first skin line called Melany YAY!!! and it out in three skin tones : Pale, Ebony and Tanned. Melany is a very gentle skin and can be glammed with different tattoo because of it soft base.


Also included in the pack is hair bases in Black, brown, white, espresso etc. and it comes complete with shape YAY!!!. Mimo Couture has a way of making your dress complete without any hassle.




Good News : Mimo Couture is now in world YAY!!! A main store is now available where you can get all the exciting outfits and skin available. Join the group as well as Subscribe so you get update on all new releases as well as promos and gifts.


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