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BOOM!!! @ Finesmith Jewelry

7:26 AMprazillo Lemon

…that the only place currently booming in Second Life is at Finesmith Jewelry.If you haven't been there, then you wont understand. But those who stay there, eat there, sleep there all understand and it like a BOOM!!!.

New Releases to show you today before my second life is cut short like during the past week LOL and I don’t need to say so much, you just look and hurry over to the store and be just like me and the rest of others :-). The sets comes with the option for color change as well as textures. You have fun playing around with the colors and textures.

FINESMITH Where is my MindFineSmith Where is my mind

FINESMITH Wired Couture FineSmith Wired Couture_002

FINESMITH Spaceship scrapFinesmith spaceship scrap

The monthly Gift is also out for both Group and Subscribe. You don’t want to miss this one. I’m showing the Group Member Gift  while the subscribe is a metallic nail with ring.

FINESMITH EthnicaFineSmith Ethnica - June Gift

P.S Don’t forget other event happening. The Hunt is still on and lot of mysteries are been unfolded. Finesmith is also at the GIA Accessory Fair. Don’t Miss Out on the Fun.

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