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Danielle 60L$ Sale–Danielle Victoria Warm

10:15 AMprazillo Lemon

...that at Styles by Danielle is another weekend and it full of exciting stuff to spice the weekend, this weekend is a moment for intimacy and exciting fun, The delicate,stylish and sexy DANIELLE Victoria Warm is up for the weekend for 60Ld. This lingerie comes with a lot of options and you won't like to miss this.

DANIELLE Victoria Warm2_002DANIELLE Victoria Warm2_001DANIELLE Victoria Warm_003
You have the option to wear in different styles which features includes bra with lace trimming , corset, flex skirt, gloves and shoes to create that sexy and sophisticated temptress.This offer is only for the weekend (4-5th June).

Danielle Victoria Warm1

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