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FINESMITH New Release in Blossom Sets

1:13 PMprazillo Lemon

...that with the greatest honor from my heart I will be blogging about jewelry crafted from the finest designer in Second Life  FINESMITH and I'm so excited.
Finesmith latest jewelry piece called FINESMITH BLOSSOM is not only jewelry made from the finest pearls and precious stone but it is designed also to emphasis and boost your social status as well as to transform your entire outfit into a classic and elegant one suitable for any occasion.

Finesmith Blossom Set_002

Finesmith Blossom Set_004

This fashionable,elegant, sophisticated and stylish sets in Finesmith Berry, Finesmith Cherry and Finesmith Bride transcend seasonal trends and embody the unique and artist creativity of the design.It includes earrings, necklace, tiara and a face ornament which adds a subtle touch of glamour to this sets .You want to be the only one admired and stared out from among the crowd, this is the perfect piece for you.

Finesmith Blossom Set_003

Finesmith Blossom Set_005

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