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The Hunt is ON @ FINESMITH

12:59 PMprazillo Lemon

…that Finesmith Hunt is ON YAY!!! Lots and Lots of exciting items to be hunted. Now for those of you who haven't started hunting yet.. I’m showing you what you would be missing and you better hurry up and get them all.

Finesmith Cream Dress_002

I will be showing you more of the hunt item but as a started.. here are the exciting items and there are NOT TO BE MISSED !!!! Hope you heard me right  LOL.

Finesmith Cream Dress : Comes with a lovely hat and a must die for dress all in cream color.You will reel in plenty of compliments wearing this dress.

Finesmith Cream Dress_001

Finesmith Magic Set : Can’t help but hunt down this set. It has a way of bringing out the other you.

Finesmith Magic Set

Finesmith Melting: This is a complete “IT'” for me. Wearing this I need to attend a show  to show off what I have got.

Finesmith Melting

NOT TO BE MISSED ITEM IN THIS HUNT !!! More items await you,So hurry and enjoy the fun of a blissful hunt with lot of smiling afterwards.

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