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10:31 AMprazillo Lemon

…that I have been trying for the past week to blog about all the nicest things in SL but there was a stop to all my activities, I was unable to take photos, great that I can take photos again, thought with  the crash and items rezzing too slow makes it harder.

[sYs] SYGNE - avant garde outfit_003

[sYs] Design corner this week is [sYs] SYGNE, I have seen this outfit in the photo but it was not as same when I saw Lola wearing it and that moment I just wanted to have it no matter what. and here it is LOL. See for yourselves.

[sYs] SYGNE - avant garde outfit_001[sYs] SYGNE - avant garde outfit_002


Dress : [sYs] SYGNE

Jewelry : Finesmith Oasis (available at GIA ACCESSORY FAIR)


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