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Mimo Couture New Release Preview- Romy

3:42 PMprazillo Lemon

…that Mimo Couture  has been working hard for the past days, she has been making new outfits to soon be released and I'm seriously trying hard to catch up with her and I am glad I’m able to make this post before the release date YAY!!!.Mimo Couture new release Romy is a very chic,sophisticated and very sexy outfit especially for those ladies who want to entice and roar at the next party or event. You cant but show off your wild side with this dramatic outfit that screams for a fun time.


This sexy style comes in a variety of Colors which I have displayed the colors that remind me of summer. As with the tradition with Mimo Couture Design, it always comes with the right shoes to match and for that fun and wild time, a boot is available to complement this outfit.


P.S Watch out Ladies Romy will be released July 23rd .

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