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Unforgettable New Release @ *VoguE*

3:58 PMprazillo Lemon

...that it been so hard taking photos in SL lately, nothing seem to save to my computer but today I finally made a break through today though you will see some of the outfit are not rezzed properly. *VoguE* Designs comes with another unforgettable new releases  which are all dripping with classy elegance.Each outfit comes with a unique sophistication. I will be showing off the new outfits in my daily tour for your delight.

Vogue Rosalyn

Vogue Rosalyn is a formal gown which drips with classy elegance. The sweetheart bodice is topped off by see through lacy material. The fitted waist gives way to the floor length skirt with lacy see through overlay that billows out in an intoxication way.

Vogue Rosalyn2

With VoguE Vania, a vivacious allure abounds on this slinky outfit which features a strapless tube gown and the skirt comes with double high side slit to show off some skin in a sophisticated way.

Impeccable details abound on this bewitching VoguE Noel Casual fit-and-flare gown! The high scooped collar and sleeveless design of the bodice pairs well with the skirt flare. Jazz up the look with an eye-catching belt which helps to tie the look together in just the right way.You will love this dress.

Vogue Noel Casual Dress_003

Two-tone styling design in the combination of lace and silky material lends this unique dress plenty of flair!
The halter neckline in lace and the design of the bodice pairs well with the silky skirts.The Lacy, embellished material at both side of the bodices breathes extra sophistication into this dazzling look. Sensational ruffled accents spice up the waistline and the high double slit brings a dose of sexy fun to the table.

Vogue Petrova

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