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22769 Casual Couture in Ox & Summer Feeling Hunts

1:25 AMprazillo Lemon

…that we have more hunts YAY!!! and 22769 Casual Couture is participating in these Hunts which are starting from 1st – 21st August 2011.


For the OX hunt, the hunters are looking for the letters “OX” and you will be hunting this awesome beach outfit in retro styles and pattern and you have for  guys and girls. So since I am a lady LOL I show off the beach outfit  .. but will show u a photo so the guys know what they also will be hunting.


For more on the hunt check this link : http://ocioxtremehunt.blogspot.com/


The Summer Feeling Hunt, hunters will be hunting for sculpted flower pot and the hunt item from 22769 is summerish espandrillos (unisex).

22769 shoes Espandrillos [summerstripes]
More on the Summer Feeling Hunt check this link :

Its all about Summer !!!!

P.S Hint for both hunts (like always): Slap the orange hint giver on the 22769 Casual Couture events wall (where all the hunt posters are) for current hint since gifts are been hidden at the shop.

More awesome news, for the start of autumn season a  lot of awesome new stuffs available at 22769 - especially many new things never done before. like... make up! not only for girls, but also for boys. and especially men can wear even more then stubbles or guy liner. music history proves it. so - as a teaser – Go visit the store to see some of the newest makeup available for ladies and Guys!!

22769 ~ visage Ant Makeup22769 ~ visage Guyliner

22769 ~ visage Ziggy color_red - Copy22769 ~ visage High Fashion Make Up - Copy22769 ~ visage Main Mystic Blue - Copy

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