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Finesmith 55Ls item Plus Gift Bag !!!

12:03 AMprazillo Lemon

…that today’s 55Ls Thursday item totally RAWKS at Finesmith Designs. You get 10 awesome Solid Nails for  55Ls and good things you pick the color you needs YAY!!!Ladies what are you waiting for.. ??? And wait … that is not all the news .

Finesmith SOLID NAILS-GiftBagsFinesmith SOLID NAILS - 55ls_010Finesmith SOLID NAILS - 55ls_009Finesmith SOLID NAILS - 55ls_008Finesmith SOLID NAILS - 55ls_007Finesmith SOLID NAILS - 55ls_006Finesmith SOLID NAILS - 55ls_005Finesmith SOLID NAILS - 55ls_004Finesmith SOLID NAILS - 55ls_003Finesmith SOLID NAILS - 55ls_002Finesmith SOLID NAILS - 55ls_001

A gift bags is right in the store  and it comes with these awesome bracelet which has never been released, go check them out .. and grand mega hit is still the 50% OFF STOREWIDE MOVING SALE  on all items at Finesmith. Now you can fly over there NOW !!!

Finesmith GiftBag4Finesmith GiftBag3Finesmith GiftBag2Finesmith GiftBag


Nails : FInesmith SOLID NAILS – 55LS Thursday item

Bracelet : FInesmith Gift Bags (available at the store)

Skin : Mimo Couture Joanna (Pale) New Release

Outfit : aDiva couture Retro Rage

Hair: Vanity Hair:Jackie

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