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It’s all about COLORS at aDiva Couture

6:14 PMprazillo Lemon

…that this summer, fashion is all about embracing the weather friendly , vibrate and bright colors and aDiva Couture is not an exception. aDiva Couture just released an awesome collection of outfits which is very vibrant and in every way the best design for the season and it completely rawks for me.

Since I have been trying to blog the items and Anne never stop making new ones and when I see the new ones I change my mind and want to blog the news ones, at least she just confessed today LOL , I'm going to show off most of the designs in this post.Get your teleport ready and go visit the shop for more exciting new designs.

aDiva Collection


Pic 1 : aDiva couture Smeralda Gypsy Dress

Pic 2 : aDiva couture SoHo

Pic 3 : aDiva couture Shantelle BoHo Style Dress

Pic 4 : aDiva couture Maia |(includes Hair, bracelet and necklace)

Shoe: N-core SENSE 2 "Reptile"

Hair: Vanity Hair::Addicted

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