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Mimo Couture New Release and Promo on Joanna Skin

6:16 PMprazillo Lemon

…that the weekend just got overly exciting with the new skin line from Mimo Couture called Joanna . Something about Mimo Couture I love is the spirit  and dedication with which she puts in all her designs, all complete and exciting. Joanna totally excites me because It comes  in a number of  colorful makeups and just the perfect skin for the summer and color lovers. Ladies head over and spoil yourself with this new skin and awesome make up options.

MimoCouture-Joanna Profile_001

Joanna Skin Features :
3 skin tones : Pale, Sun kiss and Cocoa
Skin comes with freckles and non freckles as well as blush
10 makeup options
6 tattoo layer for Hair bases

For the next few weeks .. the fat pack for Joanna is reduced at almost 50 %  which is 999Ls for the first few weeks.
Hurry and get this awesome skin before the price returns back to 1999Ls

MimoCouture-Joanna SkinPale_011MimoCouture-Joanna SkinPale_010MimoCouture-Joanna SkinPale_009MimoCouture-Joanna SkinPale_008MimoCouture-Joanna SkinPale_007MimoCouture-Joanna SkinPale_006MimoCouture-Joanna SkinPale_005MimoCouture-Joanna SkinPale_004MimoCouture-Joanna SkinPale_003MimoCouture-Joanna SkinPale_002MimoCouture-Joanna SkinPale_021MimoCouture-Joanna SkinPale_020MimoCouture-Joanna SkinPale_019MimoCouture-Joanna SkinPale_018MimoCouture-Joanna SkinPale_017MimoCouture-Joanna SkinPale_015MimoCouture-Joanna SkinPale_016MimoCouture-Joanna SkinPale_014MimoCouture-Joanna SkinPale_013MimoCouture-Joanna SkinPale_012MimoCouture-JoannaSkinComplete

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