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N-core Super Strappy Wedge - N-CORE ETOILE

3:08 PMprazillo Lemon

…that N-Core just released these very edgy and amazing wedge platforms called Etoile that will completely blow your mind away. The platform comes in two styles both as a floral pattern and the normal colors we are used to. The floral pattern is perfect for summer.

N-core ETOILE Floral EditionSingleN-core ETOILEN-core ETOILE2N-core ETOILE18N-core ETOILE17N-core ETOILE16N-core ETOILE15N-core ETOILE14N-core ETOILE13N-core ETOILE12N-core ETOILE11N-core ETOILE10N-core ETOILE9N-core ETOILE8N-core ETOILE7N-core ETOILE6N-core ETOILE5N-core ETOILE4N-core ETOILE3N-core ETOILE Floral Edition

Etoile comes with multiple straps which is playful and same time overflowing with attitude. It comes with a substantial wedge and what I love about it most is the concept of the zip behind the wedge platform to amp up the glam.

Own the night in these amazing sandals and ensure you take the center stage wearing  these latest from N-core, this is a summer must have.

N-core ETOILE Floral EditionCompleteN-core ETOILE Floral Edition_0132N-core ETOILE Floral Edition_0142N-core ETOILE Floral Edition_0152N-core ETOILE Floral Edition_0122N-core ETOILE Floral Edition_0112N-core ETOILE Floral Edition_0082N-core ETOILE Floral Edition_0092N-core ETOILE Floral Edition_0102N-core ETOILE Floral Edition_0062N-core ETOILE Floral Edition_0072

HUD features:

  • Compatible with all Viewers ( alpha layer included in the shoes folder and possibility to add or remove the alpha prims by the HUD )

  • 6 Styles of Wedges ( change texture by the HUD)

  • 12 Skin preset

  • Color palette and RGB values for easy and perfect skin match
  • Option to wear stockings on the sculpted feet ( color palette & RGB values to match your own stockings )
  • Memory slots to save your skin & stocking tones
  • Color change for : Metals, heels cap, sole...
  • Color change for : 18 fabric and 10 (Floral edition) / color to pick for sole, ring, interior, zipper, frontal straps
  • 54 Nails ( French, color & fantasy ) N-core Shoes comes with the new pedicure set to pick from 54 nails colors to match with your nails. Awesome!!!!
  • Gloss on/off
  • Heels sound on/off
  • Resize

The folder includes :

- Stockings ( clothes layer ) to combine with the feet stockings of the HUD ( you can combine also your own stockings )
- Support notecard
- Notecard with skin base and RGB values for : Laqroki, Belleza, Curio, Glam Affair, Lelutka, Redgrave skins.
- Alpha layer ( to replace alpha prims )

If you want to know how N-core HUD works, see the video!

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