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Revelation New Heels –Nelly and Charlene

11:53 PMprazillo Lemon

…that with the newest release from Revelation you have the freedom and permission to be wild in these exotic print heels. These platforms are perfect to rock the night away in.

Revelation Nelly FatPack_001Revelation Nelly FatPack_006Revelation Nelly FatPack_005Revelation Nelly FatPack_004

Clean lines and a suede finish make these Charlene heels a stylish statement piece. These tasteful sandals are perfect for any formal or casual event to keep the evening elegant and shine like a star .

Revelation Charlene FatPack_008Revelation Charlene FatPack_010Revelation Charlene FatPack_009Revelation Charlene FatPack_007

The HUD comes with a lot of options.Lot of Skin Preset to pick from Color Change for Sole, Nails, Leather.

NellyHuDCharlene HUD2Charlene HUD

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