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22769 Casual Couture @ America Bazaar Birthday Hunt & Steam Punk Hunts!!!

8:04 PMprazillo Lemon

…that 22769 Casual Couture never misses a great hunt and they are here again with some awesome new hunt details. Two Hunts hits 22769 Casual Couture and there are the AMERICAN BAZAAR BIRTHDAY HUNT  and the STEAMPUNK Hunt YAY!!!.

The AMERICAN BAZAAR BIRTHDAY HUNT  (ABBH) starts from the 1st of Sep all through till 30th of Sep 2011
The theme of the Hunt is Party (formal or informal) 22769 Casual Couture designed this lovely cocktail dress in red which comes with a strapless bodice and ruffle skirt for the ladies and for the guys it is a matching lounger outfit (Oh for the men if you really need me to show off the men's outfit, I will need a man,so if you are interested IM in world only and NOTE you have to be very hot and sexy LOL).

Hunt Hint : Hunters are looking for a little cake

For more information on the hunts and the hints, check AMERICAN BAZAAR BIRTHDAY HUNT WEBSITE

22769 -ABBH -femme cocktail dress_001

Another Hunt is the STEAM 5 Hunt  which also starts from the 1st of Sep. all through till the 30th of Sep. 2011. I always love this hunt because the purpose is to craft a costumes for either steam punk/diesel punk versions of comic super heroes and at 22769 The Flagship store Gifts are these costumes made for the following Super heroes: Legendary Marvel X-Men costumes for Jean Grey (Phoenix) and Scott Summers (Cyclops) created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee in Steampunk-/Dieselpunk-Style.
Hunt Hint : Hunters will be looking for a cogwheel

For the STEAM 5 Hunt at the Flagship Store, I am wearing the Legendary Marvel X-Men costumes for Jean Grey (Phoenix) in Female Version YAY!!!.

22769 ~ STEAM 5 [femme] huntgift Phoenix

For the STEAM 5  Hunt at Mieville Depandance , 22769 Casual Store has a satellite store in Mieville and  they are also joining the Steampunk Hunt 5 at Mieville. Get excited because it means more gorgeous items to Hunt. The hunt item is a steam punk make-up for the Ladies and a moustache for the gentlemen. 
Hunt Hint is available in the hint gear on the hunt sign.

22769 ~ STEAM 5 [femme] huntgift Mieville Depandance

For more information on the Steampunk Hunt check website: Steam The Hunt . Ensure to Visit 22769 Casual Couture for more exciting items and future news on new releases and hunts.

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