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Danielle "Glam in Summer " Fashion Show has a Video!!!

4:43 PMprazillo Lemon

...that on Sunday was the Danielle "Glam in Summer" Fashion Show at Hutchinson Fashion Agency. This was the first Fashion Show for the agency and it was awesome. A huge thank you goes to the models, coordinators, Dani Plassitz for her awesome designs ,Nicolas Hutchinson for the opportunity, Members of Tropical Pleasure Sim, and all the wonderful people who showed up for the Show. Thanks so much.

Also I want to really appreciate RavenmanSkwer for this wonderful video clip he made for the show. It is absolutely awesome and he captured the entire event very well. So for those who couldn't make the show, here is the video clip(between this is Raven's first video and we do appreciate it so much)Thanks so much RavenmanSkwer.

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