DANIELLE Thousand Kisses now in SILVER Plus Disco and Moolto Hunt @ DANIELLE

8:31 AMprazillo Lemon

…that Styles By Danielle has just released the most talked about gown DANIELLE Thousand Kisses, which always WOW anyone who see the gorgeous gown now in SILVER YAY!!!. Many have asked to see this gown which was previously in black and gold in others colors and now it is out in SILVER, and in SILVER it is gorgeous and breathtaking.

DANIELLE Thousand Kisses SILVER_001

Also the Thousand Kisses Jewelry set is also available to  ensure you make a statement in an absolute breeze.

DANIELLE Thousand Kisses SILVER_004DANIELLE Thousand Kisses SILVER_006DANIELLE Thousand Kisses SILVER_002

P. S The Thousand Kisses in Silver is available to group members at a discounted price. Grab this opportunity to get this gorgeous and most talked about gown. War your Group tag.

Danielle is involved in the Disco Hunt as well as Moolto Hunt.

From Sept. 15 - Oct 15
What's The News Disco Hunt with 100 shops participating. More info in the main store.
Here is the prize from Danielle store:
Danielle- Disco Hunt Prize

For this month in Moolto Sisters hunt you can get Carina Blue in copy version from Danielle store:
DANIELLE Carina Blue

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