Enchanting Feather Gown By Indyra Originals–Mystere

11:57 AMprazillo Lemon

…that when you look good, you must certainly feel fantastic and you will feel that way wearing this amazing and fetching evening dress by I N D Y R A   O R I G I N A L S called Indyra Originals – Mystere. This sumptuous gown begins with a strapless bodice and a band that jazzes up the waistline nicely to create a magical look.

Indyra Originals-Mystere

The actual fun begins below where the skirt is a festive arrays of delicate feather like pieces cascading down to the floor creating an artfully draped and layered  ruffles to create a room- stopping enchanting ambiance and runway glamour.

P.S This gown is available at Indyra Originals Bella Vida Shop for 50% off.

Gown : Indyra Originals – Mystere
Jewelry Set: DANIELLE Thousand Kisses Jewelry Set
Shoes: N-Core FEMME
Hair: Bliss Hair Cieleste

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