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FINESMITH 55Ls Thursday All about SKIRTS

2:46 AMprazillo Lemon

…that I haven't even taken off my jewelries from FINESMITH when I see the Thursday 55Ls Item “the Adva skirts” and the rest is history LOL. If you needs a bit of ruffled drama  then these very flirty and attractive skirts are you best match. And it is weekend around the corner what better timing for a voluminous high skirt  with layers of ruffles that form a full skirt ripple.

Finesmith Adva skirts- 55L september 1st bloggers_003

You get different awesome colors for these layered skirt and match with any accessories or top and you are off bringing down the heat in a playful vibe.

Finesmith Adva skirts- 55L september 1st bloggers_009


Skirts : FINESMITH Adva skirts- 55L September

Top : FINESMITH  Anak Welcome Gift (Part)

Jewelry : FINESMITH Lovely Set (includes Eyelashes, Bracelet, Earring, ring, necklace)

Nails : Finesmith SOLID NAILS – Black

Fascinator : House of Beningborough  BB Edina - Black(Part)

Shoes: [sYs] OZ

Hair :* Baiastice-Moira Hair

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