Lili’s Couture Fashion Week–Day 5

8:02 PMprazillo Lemon

…that I was thinking it going to be a sunny day for me but it all been so cold and quiet but that why Second Life is a wonderful place where you can have any season you want yay!!!. Okay back to business, Lili’s Couture is still booming with the Fashion Week and it will soon be coming to an end, don’t forget to visit her shop to get all the exciting items for very reduced prices.

Lili's Moonlight Beach Outfitpiced

Friday had lot of wonderful items and good news there are all still available at the shop for reduced price. Above is the Moonlight Beach Outfit for 125L. Go get them if you haven't. For Saturday you have this lovely and gorgeous strapless gown to dance the night away with your loved one. This is sold for 200L.


Also see other designs and lot of lovely items in the MM board and around the shop. Don’t miss out on this week of plenty.

Lili's Moonlight Beach Outfitpic_004

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