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GLAM!GLAMOUR!!GLAMOROUS!!!–aDiva Couture All That Glamour

12:00 PMprazillo Lemon

…that I have been dying to blog this collection all week but SL has been a nightmare for me, today all items are rezzed enough so here is aDiva Couture All That Glamour Collections. This new collections from aDiva couture is absolutely unique and something worth looking forward to.

aDiva CoutureAllthat GlamourPaisley

This collections include the Velvet Gown,  Jacket outfit which comes with the pant short and my favorite of them all is the harem pants (which is like the Aladdin pants)  combined with the lacey bodice, this is an absolutely “IT” and it gives you that WOW factor when you step out of your comfort zone. You can dress any of the items the best way you like  and still look gorgeous for the special outing and fun time with friends.

aDiva CoutureAllthat GlamourSequins

Check out the collection at the store for other awesome color options and like I said last time, if you haven't join the group or subscribe, you should do so because lot and lots of free gifts, promo sales and awesome surprises. Never a dull day in the group.

aDiva CoutureAllthat GlamourVelvetGown

aDiva couture All That Glamour Jacket Outfit_004

I'm off flirting around and giving this particular guy I met a hell of a time in world LOL. See you soon.

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