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Glimmering Pearls Necklace–R.A Crystals

4:19 PMprazillo Lemon

…that the glorious sparkle of this pearl set from R.A Crystal called  Shallon is sure to set the wearer in a class above the rest and this is the best choice to add sparkle without over powering your look. It comes with beautiful large pearls adorn with satin to form a ribbon at the one side and little stones at the other sides where the satin meet with the pearls ,giving you that extremely expensive and ornate look.

R.A Crystal Shallon_002

This sophisticated and classily necklace is available in other colors and can be worn for any formal event / occasion and it sure to leave you completely  dazzling.

R.A Crystal Shallon_009R.A Crystal Shallon_008R.A Crystal Shallon_007R.A Crystal Shallon_006R.A Crystal Shallon_004R.A Crystal Shallon_003

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