Bella Vida Diary

The Phantom of the Opera Show at Bella Vida Grand Ballroom

8:02 AMprazillo Lemon

Phantom Promo

I have instructed my Managers, Mr. Cameron Mackintosh and the  Really Useful Theatre Company Inc. to bid you attend A Grand Party which will follow the Opening Performance of the musical based upon my legend…..
The Phantom of the Opera by Mr. Andrew Lloyd Webber

This occasion will take place at:
⊱❋⊰ The Bella Vida Jazz Lounge ⊱❋⊰
⊱❋⊰ Grand Ballroom ⊱❋⊰
⊱❋⊰ Saturday, 29th of October 2011 ⊱❋⊰

This Invitation Admits One

This year, The Phantom of the Opera celebrates its 25th anniversary, and to mark this momentous occasion, Bella Vida presents TWO special concerts of The Phantom of The Opera!

12PM SLT and 8PM SLT

❋ Spirited Emor (as The Phantom)
❋ Dilah Halostar (as Christine Daaé)

Followed by:
❋ MARA CHANDLER             2PM SLT
❋ JEWEL BRINNER               4PM SLT
❋ THWIP ZIFER                   5PM SLT
❋ SURREEL SKIZM               6PM SLT
❋ LEHMAN SHINN                7PM SLT
❋ Encore Presentation of  THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA  8PM SLT

It would be preferred of the Ladies and Gentlemen would dress in a manner befitting the occasion.
Your Obedient Servant
-тнє  ρнαηтσм


  ⊱❋⊰ SPONSORED BY ⊱❋⊰

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