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‘Provocative’ is the Word @ aDiva Couture

6:18 PMprazillo Lemon

…that aDiva Couture never stop making your jaws drop at every  single design she releases, and we cant stop but turn heads  when we wear these gorgeous  and provocative dress. One of the new releases that is a stunner is the aDiva Couture Mellie.. I had this design since last week and today seem to be the perfect day to spoil myself with it, it comes with a very delicate and beautiful lace details which features a collar and the bust  is covered with lace designs.The mini skirt trimmed in scalloped lace has little ruffles at the sides  with a belt to frame your hips beautifully. The arms and rest of the body are in sheer material which shows of your shapes and curves.

aDiva couture Mellie_001_thumb[1]

Another provocative designs is this head turning outfit that you will be remembered for when you go to the club or out shopping with friends. This features a sensual bodice with a straight horizontal -cut neckline that shows a bit of skin and you have the jacket with tuck up sleeve for those who don’t want expose, for me I love exposed. The high waist skirt boasts a soft flair and  the accordion-style pleats add texture, cinched also with super cute belt to give that fantastic girly look. , this dress is perfect for any party.

It comes in other colors , ensure your visit the shop to see all other colors available. And also  don’t miss the big Halloween hunt currently at the shop, Good News is that all the hunters are very friendly and you get to see where all the beautiful hunt items are displayed in no time. So hurry before it is over !!!..

aDiva couture MilaBlack_thumb[1]WEARING WHAT?

Pic 1

Outfit : aDiva Couture Mellie

Shoe : N-Core COQUETTE

Nails : FInesmith October Gift Evils Nails

Skin: [sYs] Doll Exclusive to TDR

Hair : "LoQHair" Pudding – TDRB Item

Pic 2

Oufit : aDiva Couture Mila Black ( Also available in other colors at the shop )

Skin : Ricielli – RHEA (Past TDR )

Hair: "LoQ Hairs" Cafe Misto – Black (Past TDR)

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