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…Regal Gown By Agnes Finney - Darling

9:19 AMprazillo Lemon

…that from Agnes Finney comes another new release which is a regal gown with flowery fabric and it features a stunning collar standing around the neckline and puffy short sleeves.

Agnes Finney Darling_005

The combination of lace and flowery fabric makes this design come to life with passion.The skirts comes with the flowery detail at the hem to achieve a coordinated look and for the ball gown skirt this comes with a delicate layers which sweeps elegantly to the floor.

Agnes Finney Darling_006_002Agnes Finney Darling_006_003

To complete this look and give it that touch of regal sophisticated is the Hat with that combination for lace and flower.

Agnes Finney Darling_006_001


Gown : Agnes Darling Champagne

Hat : MP Hats Precious Champagne

Earrings : "R.A.Crystal"*Salome*

Nail : CCD - Long Nails + Ring - L 10 - Magnifique – Bordeaux

Shoe: Donna Flora ALICE shoes (Free Gift at Shop)

Skin :-Belleza- Chloe Group gift

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