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…Sophisticated sexiness with Diva Couture Monochrome

10:30 PMprazillo Lemon

…that another awesome and drop dead gorgeous new release by aDiva Couture is the latest in the Fall Collections called aDiva Couture Monochrome in Velvet which is unapologetically feminine and it sets the bar really high for sophisticated sexiness.

aDiva Couture Monochrome DressPic

aDiva Couture Monochrome DressCombined

This new collection is a most exciting design because it comes complete with options for  Velvet dress, pant suit and suit  which will make the most of your amazing figure and easy to flaunt.A bolero is also available for the dress and suit which is a subtle cover-up and it comes with the collar for extra drama.

aDiva Couture Monochrome JumpsuitComplete

aDiva Couture Monochrome SuitCombinedpsd


Pic 1 & 2

Outfit : aDiva couture Monochrome Formal Wear Velvet Dress

Earrings : "R.A.Crystal"*Salome*

Shoes: N-Core CASTING

Hat : Indy&Co.: Vivianne "Dip" Fedora ( Part of Vivianne Outfit)

Pic 3

Outfit: aDiva couture Monochrome Formal Wear Velvet Jumpsuit

Shoe: N-core ETOILE

Hair : CriCri-gST5

Pic 4

Outfit: aDiva couture Monochrome Formal Wear Velvet Suit

Hair : CriCri-Bob01

Shoe: N-core CAPRICE

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