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Be a Star wearing aDiva Couture Designs…

10:40 AMprazillo Lemon

…that we have a saying that a designer is only as good as the star who wears her clothes. Over the years , aDiva Couture has always impressed us with her designs , she is always ahead with sexy clothing to spice our second life and make the ladies feel special and elegant.

A new release from aDiva Couture called aDiva couture Contes Gown which is an extremely sexy piece is my favorite outfit this week and it shows a lot of skin and curve perfect for flirting  and is finished off with a long flowing skirt.

Accessorized with this new design is a necklace, belly jewelry and earring and a jacket and stole is also attached since the weather is gradually getting colder and colder.  You got a complete look wearing this new release.

Early in the week aDiva Couture has another design called aDiva couture Riel Lace Dress which is a short mini dress with balloon skirt and high collar for your casual outing and been around with friends. A belt is available to accentuate your curve.

Don’t miss out on the new release and also check in store for the new releases, sales, promo, free gift and join the group for an exciting time.

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